Friday, May 30, 2014

There are lots of Gold Jewelry for sale lately, but are you sure your buying an authentic one, I mean no questions for well known stores but for the anonymous one's I doubt it. Commercialize gold jewelries are often Karat upgraded for example a 18k gold would only be 14k when pawned to pawnshops but it doesn't always apply to all gold jewelry.
Some of these are fake Gold
Now let's discuss fake gold. Fake gold jewelries are usually like real gold jewelry in terms of color and texture. Faker's has different methods to accomplish such pathetic act. Below are their methods in faking Gold Jewelries.
  • GOLD FILLED (GF) – is a process of sweating gold all over the surface of the base metal or rolling a base metal on thin sheet of gold with a different fineness in gold solution by means of ELECTROPLATING MACHINE, thus 10K GF, 12K GF, 14K GF, 18K GF, 22K GF. Total weight of fineness rolled on a base metal is usually 1/20 of the total weight of the object.
  • GOLD PLATED (GP) – basically the same as gold filled, but the gold content can be less than 1/20 of the total weight.
  • ELECTROPLATING (GEP) – a quick and inexpensive way to make any metal look like gold. The metal object is dipped in a gold plating solution and then an electrical current is used to coat the object with a very thin layer of gold. The thickness of the fold depends upon the amount and duration of the current.
So how do we counter these stuffs? Answer follow these guides:
  • Simplest of them all, rub it to sand paper till you see white/suspicious surface. And for Gold Filled, use cutter or any sharp blade to reveal a small portion and drop a few nitric acid on it and let the tissue absorb the wetness, when turned green it has a very low karat (below 8K) when nothing happens, gently move it sideways on water, if white pigments appears its totally fake, when nothing happens its real gold. 
So, be careful next time in buying gold jewelries all these tips are just guidelines, we must also consider sellers integrity, sellers permit to sell, etc. Your best bet for cheap gold jewelry is through pawnshops public auction.