Saturday, April 12, 2014

How often do you see Gold Jewelry around you? Are you sure its gold and not just plated. But after reading this tutorial, I'm pretty sure the next day you won't be fooled by your eye, specially when your a gold jewelry buyer.
Gold is so precious and expensive, a country with more gold reserve means a rich country. Now, if your planning to open a pawnshop business then you better take note of this.

Touch Stone Test or Acid Test:


  1. Test Stone/Black Stone.
  2. Bottle of Nitric Acid.
  3. Cigarette Ashes and Water.
  4. Steel Sand Paper (Fine).
  5. Tissue for wiping.
1. Get a fully registered trace on the surface of the black stone.
2. Apply nitric acid on the traces and notice any discoloration or reddening within a few second, then follow it up by wiping the acid.

  • 18K and above – usually no reddening and traces remain full and intact upon wiping
  • 24K traces seem to resist (fine gold)
  • 22K traces seem to resist
  • 21K Saudi gold remain intact and particles are seen
  • 18K and 14K usually no discoloration or reddening notice on gold traces when applied with nitric acid. You can only distinguished 14K from 18K by using/pouring cigarette ashes on it.
Results: After using cigarette ashes followed with acid.
  • 18K – gold traces remain intact
  • 14K - gold traces disappear leaving a grayish color trace or mark
  • 12K, 10K and 8K – discoloration or reddening within few seconds is notice when applied with Nitric Acid. (NO NEED TO PUT CIGARETTE ASH)
  • 12K – gradual reddening and some traces are left upon wiping
  • 10K – visible reddening within 2-3 seconds and few traces are left upon wiping.
  • 8K – obvious reddening on the 1st second and no traces are left upon wiping.
Note: Nitric acid is dangerous when used incorrectly, please do this test at your own risk.

The materials presented above is pretty easy to find, you can usually buy it at the local stores, but of course the tissue, ash, sand paper, water are given. Just remember in determining gold karats follow safety precaution, wear mask and gloves if you have.

To know more about checking gold jewelry karats kindly follow this link: Know your Gold Karats


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