Friday, January 30, 2015

Investing in precious metals is one way in securing your future, it is easily convertible to cash, it appreciates over time, very durable on wear and tear, hence it will last a lifetime and beyond. But here comes the question, which you should buy? Which investment will give you threefold of your original investment. Worry not because we're going to discuss it on this post.
gold vs platinum pawnshopph
Gold VS Platinum Jewelries

Advantages of Gold Over Platinum:
  • Gold is cheaper compare to Platinum, also its pawn value increases dramatically in just a few years.
  • Gold can be white gold, yellow gold, bronze gold, it has many variant, perfect for any design due to its malleability.
    pawnshopph GoldVsPlatinum
  • It is easy to sell Gold jewelries since most people are familiar of it.
Advantages of Platinum Over Gold
  • Platinum is harder than Gold making it more suitable to be paired by Diamonds making it more expensive to sell may it be direct selling or auction sale.
  • Platinum is rarer than Gold, it comes in less production, in-demand by celebrities and executives, it is fetch at a hefty price.
    pawnshopph Gold vs Platinum Ring Prices
  • Platinum is less attractive to thieves, the usual misconception about Platinum is that most of the time they are mistaken as Silver or White Gold.
If your onto buy and sell in the future go for Platinum jewelries, if your onto pawning, I suggest you go for Gold. Anyway, as Iv'e said before both are valued metal and can be profitable in different ways.