Tuesday, October 7, 2014

After going through our Gold Apprasing topic I will now share the benefits of buying gold jewelry. Sure for some buying Gold is just for the name of luxury, but if we go to see the other side Gold is really a cash equivalent. Most of us doesn't know that for every dollar you are holding there is a equivalent gold in your Central Bank I mean real gold bar, so basically everyone has a Gold on their pockets.
why invest gold

Advantages of Gold Investment
  1. Gold gradually increase its value over time - Like land, gold appreciates, luckily your grandmothers $10 Gold Ring might now be $100 and over.
    gold appreciates value
  2. A metal of ages - Gold doesn't corrode, rust, highly tolerant to acid. Gold jewelry can be inherited from generation to generation making it one of the best investment you can prepare for your children.
  3. It can be pawned - You'll never know when emergency will occur, so take that Gold necklace and rush to pawnshops. This will save you the hassle of applying loans which take days to approve, save you also from dept of gratitude to someone.
    gold jewelry pawn
  4. In the name of lux - Let's face it, who doesn't like to weak that sparkling metal. Wearing gold jewelry specially embedded with Diamonds can also indicate social status and at the same time a great investment.
Next topic I will share how and where to buy cheap Gold Jewelry.