Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LBC money transfer services is one of the most convenient pera padala services in the Philippines, they offer door to door money transfer, which means their agent will bring the money right to your door steps, but of course it doesn't come cheap unlike other the other pawnshop which offer very low service fee in money transfer (cash padala) service.
LBC logo
LBC pera padala has a few variants in their money remittance services, the "Pesopak 24hrs." which means the remittance will be sent within 24 hours (door to door), and the "Pesopak 48hrs." which also means that the money transfer will be sent within 48 hours right at your door steps, and lastly the "Instant Peso Padala" which means you can get the money instantly but you have to go to the nearest LBC branch to claim the money.

List of LBC Pera Padala Rates:

1. Pesopak 24 hours
P90.00 for the first P500.00 and P140.00 for the first P1,000.00

2. Pesopak 48 hours
P70.00 for the first P500.00 and P95.00 for the first P1,000.00

3. Instant Peso Padala
P39.00 for every P500.00 and P60.00 for every P1,000.00 or refer to the table below

Amount in PHP Charge Rates
P500.00 P39.00
P1,000.00 P60.00
P1,500.00 P99.00
P2,000.00 P120.00
P2,500.00 P159.00
P3,000.00 P180.00
P3,500.00 P219.00
P4,000.00 P240.00
P4,500.00 P279.00
P5,000.00 P300.00
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LBC charge rates table
Note: This is the latest LBC money transfer rates as of 2014 as per according to their Facebook page and website. Any changes on its charges will be updated here.


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