Thursday, March 6, 2014

Western Union is one of the most trusted and reliable money transfer service not only in the Philippines but also abroad like USA, Canada. In fact Google itself uses Western Union to send Adsense publishers thier revenue. While this is popular around the globe, domestic rates are often scarse specially when you try to search it on the net. Well, I manage to get an info about thier latest money transfer rates. At first, the teller won't give me a copy, eventually, I convinced her to to give me a copy.

Wester Union Money Transfer Rates in Philippines:
Principal Charge
P0.00 to P50.00 P15.50
P50.01 to P200.00 P17.50
P200.01 to P500.00 P27.50
P500.01 to P1,000.00 P31.50
P1,000.01 to P2,500.00 P40.50
P2,500.01 to P5,000.00 P45.50
P5,000.01 to P7,500.00 P48.50
P7,500.01 to P10,000.00 P52.50

As always, I will provide a sharable copy of the charge rates:
Click to enlarge
As you've notice, as the principal goes up the charge rates doesn't increase that much. Compared to other money transfer services in the country, I can personally say that Western Union is the cheapest for higher amounts, specifically when you reach 2,500 pesos.

Things to remember:
  • Always bring valid ID when recieving money. two (2) valid ID is recommended.
  • The rates provided above may be change without prior notice.
  • The rates will be updated as soon as WU updates its latest charge rates.
  • You may share the picture and rates, but not the content without permission to the owner.
  • Check out the WU International Rates.


  1. how much po if aabot ng 50k ang ipapadala from philippines to other country?

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